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Growing Plants

The information listed on this Beautanicals website is an ongoing project and will develop as our database grows. Some gardening information regarding the particular herbs, vegetables and other plants that we grow is on our shop website and we are increasing the content on all websites periodically as we are able to do so.

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While growing herbs and other plants from seed is natures' way of ensuring survival of the species, it is not always easy to be successful unless you keep in mind the nature of the plants themselves.

The following tips are here to help but minor variations may need to be adapted as common sense will probably suggest.

Germination technique and expected times to germination are indicated on your seed packets but we do assume that you are familiar with the fundamentals of gardening.

Most herbs tend towards the alkaline end of the Ph scale but not all.

All Beautanicals sites are ad free so that you can just get about your business, and we can, ours.

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