St Johns' Wort


St Johns' Wort

    St. John's Wort is reguarded as a pastoral weed throughout most of Australia, which seems an absolute waste when you consider it's potential value as an herb.

    It is best grown from root runners and is generally quite easy to grow as long as you don't fuss over it too much. If you have purchased runners from us then we have more than likely left the full foliage of the plant intact, simply so that you are able see the complete plant and even test the leaves for their oil content.

    You basically have your first harvest of the plant when it arrives. We recommend that you trim off most of the foliage before planting as this will reduce the amount of moisture that the plant loses while it is re-establishing itself.

    The healthy root is what we were choosing the plant for as this is the most most important factor. Plant the roots into pre moistened coarse potting mix. Water daily but allow the pot to drain properly as the plant hates having wet feet.

    Once established, it requires a moderately dry environment and will quickly die if kept wet for too long. Usually, it will look dead for a period of days to weeks as it cuts off the supply to outdated stems and establishes new ones.

    This becomes evident around the base of the plant as small green, fern like shoots. Once the plant is growing vigorously you are able to plant it out where you would like to establish itself permanently.

    Allow plenty of room for it to spread as it does like to form a mat, and it will grow over anything that happens to be in the way of it's expansion.

    The plant will grow to aprox 70cm tall in Summer to early Autumn, just before it flowers, but normally spends most of it's time as a low growing groundcover.

    There are very few times during the year when we can post out pots of the plant as it does not do well in a nursery environment because of it's dislike for too much water.